A Digital Media Agency in the Heart of Wicker Park, Chicago

SK Intertainment was established in 1999 as the creative home for the renowned film-review website MrSkin.com. As the owner and operator of one of the most trafficked websites online, SK Intertainment has remained on the forefront of web technology, expanding its reach with strategic acquisitions and constant development of new products. SK’s growing portfolio includes multiple award winning membership based websites which reside under the Mr. Skin Cash affiliate program, a network of popular free websites and blogs, as well as the standout Radio Prep service, Good Parts Media.

With innovative technology, ample talent and an eye toward the future, SK Intertainment has generated an ever-growing global presence. As an active participant in the entertainment industry- producing books, newsletters, web content, branded merchandise, radio and television content- SK fosters excellent relations with advertisers, affiliates and, most importantly, the consumer. SK’s subsidiaries have been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Playboy, Maxim, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The New York Post.

Our Websites


Launched in 1999 as a film-review site that enables fans to "fast forward to the good parts", MrSkin.com is the backbone ... VIEW MORE


Launched in late 2013, MrMan.com is the long awaited male celebrity counterpart to MrSkin.com: a massive, all-inclusive, high definition... VIEW MORE


Bursting on the scene in 1999, "The Program With Nothing To Hide" quickly became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon... VIEW MORE


MrSkinCash.com is the award winning affiliate program that is home of SK Intertainment's growing list of membership based websites... VIEW MORE


Fleshbot is the long-reigning #1 sex culture and adults-only news site covering the vast expanse of human sexuality... VIEW MORE


The Celebrity Nudity Database is a free online database of nude scenes from actors and actresses in film and television (think IMDB "after dark")... VIEW MORE


Good Parts Media is a one-stop resource for radio prep services that caters to every major radio format. Radio programs ... VIEW MORE