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Egotastic is now in its second decade as the leading online celebrity and entertainment destination site for the male audience 18-49. Egotastic serves up the sexy side of celebrity, with all the famous female actresses, models and music artist in their most revealing public and private poses. Nothing gets by Egotastic with its access to paparazzi, magazines, glamour photographers, and a web of ‘EgoReaders' around the world always on the lookout for the latest must-see visuals.

Launched in 2005, Egotastic grew in popularity from several hundred thousand readers to over 10 million monthly uniques and over 350 million page-views by 2013. A veritable cornucopia of fresh daily content, Egotastic is your one-stop shop for the world's most popular pastime.

Expanding its role as the "best place for men to waste time at work," Egotastic added complimentary coverage of film, television, and video relevant to its core audience. Throw in some daily humor as a palette cleanser between Egotastic's hundreds of super sexy photos and videos posted each day to the site, and Egotastic is the single most popular bookmark for people who happen to enjoy the sexy side of celebrity. As the editors promise, you will always leave with a smile.